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Call for papers, XVI Gijón Conference on sports economics 

  03/02/2022 02:30 Noticias de interés

The annual conference of the Sports Economics Observatory Foundation (FOED, University of Oviedo) will be held in Gijon (Spain) at the Paraninfo of Laboral, Faculty of Commerce, Tourism and Social Sciences Jovellanos, 2022, May 6-7 (Friday and Saturday). This year the topic of the Conference is a tribute to Stefan Kesenne, one of the great sports economists, who will always be in our Hall of Fame for his intellectual and academic ability and for being a wonderful person. Articles referring to the topics Stefan worked on, or free-themed papers can be submitted. All submissions will be assessed by a scientific committee. Accommodation and meals during the conference are the responsibility of the organization. If we cannot organize the Conference in person, we will do it through Teams or Zoom on Friday and Saturday morning. Submissions: Authors please send an abstract of about 200 words to   Abstract submission deadline: April 10. Papers selected: April 20.   All accepted papers will be invited to be published in a book edited by the organizers. Inclusion in the book is optional.   Scientific Committee Chairman: Rodriguez, Placido. Professor EU of Economics at University of Oviedo. Spain Members: Garcia, Jaume. Professor of Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Spain Koning, Ruud. Professor of Economics at University of Groningen. Netherlands. Humphreys, Brad. Professor of Economics at West Virginia University, United States. Coates, Dennis. Professor of Economics at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. United States. Organizing Committee Jaume García Plácido Rodríguez Ruud Konning Marijke Taks Thomas Peeters Brad Humphreys Dennis Coates Levi Pérez Cristina Muñiz


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